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Acupuncture in Newburyport: New acupuncturist in town!

A beautiful day on Plum Island

I am beyond excited to be bringing North Shore Acupuncture & Wellness to the beautiful town of Newburyport, Massachusetts. After working in Boston, I am ready to transition north, meet new people, join a community, and spend more time near the ocean.

Many people have asked me: Why Newburyport? Being from coastal Maine, I have had a desire to move north for awhile- closer to home, and out of the city. Having spent a fair amount of time exploring the North Shore over the past several years, I found myself loving Newburyport more and more. Newburyport and its surrounding communities are aesthetically beautiful, historically rich, and brimming with friendly, welcoming people. I am continually impressed by everyone’s willingness to lend a helping hand. It is an added bonus that there is an overall awareness of, and commitment to, health and wellness.

I look forward to getting involved in this community. I plan to spread further education on acupuncture and health, and will one by one help people feel better in their bodies and reach the optimal health that they deserve. I can only hope that I am able to give back, and earn this gracious welcome that has been extended to me.

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