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Have you unplugged lately?

I've been a little MIA on the blog, social media, etc. lately. The truth is, I got married a couple of weeks ago! That means that I've let things like social media fall by the wayside while I've prioritized patient hours, family, and wedding prep. Our big day was absolutely beautiful and perfect! But guess what - it turns out the summer between starting a business and getting married can get a little crazy. It was such a whirlwind, and definitely took a bit out of me.

Your local acupuncturist unplugged and relaxing in Hawaii!

So when we flew to Hawaii for our honeymoon, I was more than ready to relax and unwind! I'm constantly telling patients to fully disconnect and unplug in order to get the most restoration and benefit from their relaxation. So I decided to take my own advice! I didn't answer the phone, follow-up with voicemails, or check emails. [If you tried to get in touch with me, I apologize for my delayed response!] But I did do a whole lot of swimming (er floating..), snorkeling, reading, exploring, sun-soaking (with plenty of SPF!), and adventuring :)

Now that I'm fully restored, I'm ready to get back at it! You can expect to be seeing more of me in Newburyport, and more tips, insights, & updates on the blog and social media!

When was the last time that you unplugged? Did you notice any benefits?

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