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Insurance Billing for Acupuncture: Part I

Insurance billing for acupuncture


Did you know that more and more insurance companies are offering acupuncture benefits? Do you know if your insurance plan covers acupuncture?

I started working in Boston for someone else's business in June of 2015. From the beginning I was asked by patients and prospective patients if we accepted insurance. The answer: no. While this business bills insurance for both physical therapy and chiropractic services, they don't do billing for acupuncture. As time went on, I grew more and more frustrated with this. We invest so much in our health insurance! So we should be utilizing all of the benefits we can in order to maximize our health and wellness!

I can now look at this experience with gratitude, as it was an important factor in my motivation to finally go into business for myself. The good news is that I feel very fortunate that I am now able to make these decisions for my own practice with peace of mind; the bad news is that insurance billing is quite the challenge! That's why I decided to hire a third-party insurance biller. Thank goodness I have the opportunity to pay someone else to deal with (the majority of) the hassle of insurance billing!

I'm still relatively new to it all, and am definitely still learning, but would love to share with you what I have learned so far. Stay tuned to learn about the process of having your insurance pay for acupuncture.

Curious if your plan covers acupuncture? Start the process now by submitting your information here.

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