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Let's Celebrate!

Interrupting our Acupuncture Intake Series here to interject a little celebration!

Your Newburyport acupuncturist celebrating in Montana

Throw your hands in the air- let's celebrate! ✨✨ First, let's celebrate the fact that North Shore Acupuncture & Wellness has officially been serving Newburyport and the North Shore for six months! I have always loved what I do, and now I love where I do it. Thank you to all of the wonderful, warm, welcoming people who make this region so great! Secondly, let's celebrate the amazing side effects of acupuncture. Not "adverse effects," but side effects. There's a big difference between the two, and yet our allopathic medical exposure has made most of us lump these two terms into the same thing. But guess what, the side effects of all treatments aren't necessarily bad!

This week, a patient reported increased range of motion in her shoulder AND weight loss. This might not sound so amazing as acupuncture is known to help both of these, but neither were the primary focus of her treatment. In fact, they were both so far down on her list of health priorities that we had barely talked about them. But the beauty of Chinese Medicine is that when you address the root problem and correct it, EVERYTHING tends to get better. Not just the complaint that brought you to acupuncture! (I blogged about some common side effects of acupuncture earlier this year- check it out here!) Don't you just love this medicine?! ✨✨

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