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An acupuncturist's thoughts on food

An acupuncturist's thoughts on food

Let's talk food! We get bombarded from so many channels with the latest diets, food trends, and superfoods- all of which seem to change and flip flop over the years.. Many people come to me confused and frustrated, not knowing what to eat. I love sharing my own insights and everything I've learned in my Eastern and Western Nutrition training, but before anyone takes any of my advice they should know a few things about me:

Do I believe that everyone should follow the same meal plan? NO Do I believe you should feel deprived when eating well? NO Do I think eating fat is bad? NOPE Do I follow a perfect & "clean" diet 100% of the time? NO

Curious about incorporating Chinese nutrition into your life, or optimizing your diet? Send me an email for more information!

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