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Your acupuncturist's favorite podcasts!

So I asked you how you commute, and talked about posture. And now I'm asking you how you commute again. Do you listen to the radio or audiobook in the car? Enjoy some peace and silence? Scroll through social media on the bus? Or catch up on emails on the train? My favorite way to commute? While listening to podcasts! Since I can't be productive online or with communication in the car, I love to take that time to learn. Here are some of my favorite podcasts: The School of Greatness - @lewishowes interviews experts ranging from health and fitness gurus to business leaders. While I'm still not sure what a #lifestyleentrepreneur is, Lewis's interviews never fail to inspire and motivate me! The Model Health Show - @shawnmodel dives into the latest scientific research on nutrition, exercise science, and of course SLEEP! The Rich Roll Podcast - @richroll is an ultra athlete with an inspiring story. He's open, blunt, and has deep conversations with inspiring folks from all areas of wellness. ReWild Yourself - I'm not going to lie, this one might not be for everyone. But if you're interested in really expanding your mindset and questioning our societal norms around food, diet, and all around lifestyle, then you should try it out! @danielvitalis loves fat, foraging, and eating locally. His podcast offers many ways that you can incorporate ReWild-ing into your own life! Phoenix Helix - Here is another podcast with a more narrow audience. @phoenix.helix is all about managing autoimmune disease with diet. If you are interested in learning more about the Autoimmune Protocol diet, hearing inspiring and transformational autoimmune stories, or receiving support in your own paleo and/or autoimmune diet choices, this is the podcast for you.

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