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Autumn Equinox & Chinese Medicine

Let's celebrate the Autumn Equinox with some Chinese Medicine associations! Fall is associated with the Metal element, which relates to the Lung and Large Intestine organs. The Metal element can become unbalanced, and is especially susceptible during it's season of Fall. Within the scope of Chinese Medicine, we balance the Metal element through diet, qi gong, herbal therapy, and acupuncture.

Enjoy this graphic and list of symptoms compiled by Seed of Life Acupuncture:

Seed of Life Acupuncture: Autumn Equinox

SIGNS YOUR METAL ELEMENT IS OUT OF BALANCE: •allergies •asthma •chronic bronchitis •inability to grieve •attachment and inability to let go of things •breathing issues •frequent colds and flus •constipation •overly critical •extreme sadness that cannot be released •skin rashes & eczema

HOW YOU WILL FEEL WHEN YOUR METAL ELEMENT IS IN BALANCE: •ability to release and let go of emotions •organized •clear skin •easily able to breathe •strong immune system •healthy bowels •self-disciplined

•open sinuses

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