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Eat local, eat well!

This acupuncturist likes to grow her own food!

Do you garden? I personally love getting in the soil, gardening, and growing some of my own food. It's a great way to connect with the Earth element, as well as source some healthy food!

With my brown thumb I have historically had a knack for killing off plants.. despite my love for them! So I started off my gardening journey with herbs. Mint and basil love lots of water and are easy to grow! I added my favorite - rosemary - to the bunch, and oregano for my husband. It's a real treat (and money saver!) to have fresh herbs on hand for summer cooking.

After a few years of managing to sustain herbs, I've finally ventured into growing a few vegetables this summer. I'm happy to report that we enjoyed many cucumbers and zucchinis, and one lonely pepper. Our last harvest was potatoes, which I kept planted in a large pot. A meager looking harvest, but not bad for year one!

Just an acupuncturist picking peas!

We love to eat home-grown, but of course could not live off of our mini-harvest. So this year was also our first year of trying out a CSA (or Community Supported Agriculture)! When you participate in a CSA you pay upfront for your summer's worth of produce, and pick up your weekly allotment as it grows. It's a great way to support local, and eat great food! Above you can see a beautiful summer day at Green Meadows Farm, where I got to pick my week's share of snow peas.

What did you grow this year? Have you tried a CSA before?

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