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New Year New You, Resolutions, and other January cliches! (Part 2 of 3)

Instagram post from @bodiposipanda

We just survived the holiday season! Often times filled with temptations, indulgences, and foods we're not used to on a regular basis.

And now every gym/trainer/fad diet is monopolizing on any guilt associated with that to convince you that you need their product/service!

So to start off, I'm going to ask you to please let go of any and all guilt you may have from the holidays.

Instagram post from @bodyposipanda

I don't care if you skipped thegym and all exercise for a couple months, neglected all green vegetables, or ate a whole cake in one sitting. I'm over it, and so should you. Sometimes we need to prioritize rest, sometimes our tastes change, and if you did eat a whole cake, I hope you savored and enjoyed it. Every day is a new day and new opportunity, let's move on!

Everyone is currently telling us that NOW is the time to make a change and start anew. Not a terrible idea, right? But here's the thing, the statistics on New Year's goals are pretty grim.. Some sources say that only 8% of people follow through!

I am all for positive lifestyle changes. I talk with people about food and nutrition, sleep hygiene, and relaxation practices just about every day. But unfortunately relying entirely on a date on the calendar to make a significant change just won't be enough. We need more motivation to draw upon to stay consistent.

So let's simply start off with a few mindset shifts. Contrary to our society's belief, food can't be good or bad. There is no morality to it. So let's stop calling our food good and bad! Some foods are more health-ful and nourishing to your body and its functioning, while other foods can make your body work harder and/or cause undesirable symptoms. But believe it or not, those foods are still not "good" or "bad." And likewise, per our cartoon above, the types of food you eat have zero impact on your morality as a person!

Secondly, exercise is not a punishment. It isn't something we need to do to "work off calories" or to "earn" a meal or treat. Exercise and movement are ways to celebrate, enjoy, and empower our bodies. And as I mentioned in my exercise journey, it's a way to support both your physical and mental health, and more importantly feel good in your body!

And lastly, as a practitioner I feel the need to tell you that I don't really care about your weight loss goals. Absolutely there are instances when individuals are medically advised to lose weight for their health and functioning of their bodies. But for the vast majority of people that I see in my office, it is not a life or death situation. My top priority is always for you to feel better in your body. The irony is that when we get your body back on track functioning properly, you feel good in your body, and you nurture and support your body, weight generally takes care of itself. So in the face of all the weight loss programs being promoted right now, let's expand our minds a bit to think of other ways we can nourish and support our bodies and health.

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