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What can you do for pain (other than acupuncture...)?

Most people know about acupuncture for the treatment of pain. But if you’re in pain and not quite ready to try acupuncture, or if you’re looking to get the most out of the acupuncture treatments you’re getting, here are five things that you can do at home to help decrease your pain.

  1. MOVE. If you have recently experienced an injury or a surgery, this may not apply to you. New injuries often require rest before rehabilitative exercise. But at a certain point, rest does more harm than good. Moving your body increases the flow of the blood and healing cells required to mend damage, strengthens muscle tissue, and initiates the release of feel-good endorphins which are natural pain-relievers.

  2. REDUCE STRESS. Stress, and all of the stress hormones and processes that come along with it, actually increase your experience of pain. These processes can also inhibit the healing process, as your body is forced to allocate its resources elsewhere. Try some of these tips to reduce your stress!

  3. HEALTHY WEIGHT. We all have our own respective healthy weight ranges in which our bodies function better. Furthermore, excess weight puts extra pressure and physical stress on our joints and muscles. Carrying extra weight makes your body have to work harder! By eliminating excess pounds and maintaining a healthy weight you can reduce the excess stress on your body and alleviate pain.

  4. MAGNESIUM. Due to our modern day diets, many of us are deficient in magnesium. This amazing mineral is used to treat many things, including constipation, and can also help your pain. Magnesium relaxes smooth muscle, and can therefore relieve tension and reduce pain. There are many ways to use magnesium, but for pain I recommend either an epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) bath or soak (depending on the area of pain) or the topical application of magnesium oil (found online and in many health stores).

  5. HEAT. While heat is not your best bet for an acute injury, it can be a great option for many other painful conditions. Consider applying heat if you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, stiffness, achiness, or muscle tension. Heat is relaxing, can ease muscle tension, and promote healing.

What do you do to help ease your pain? Let me know how these tips worked for your pain!

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