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Are you getting enough sleep?

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Your body needs sleep to recover and repair itself from all that you put it through during the day... I can’t stress enough how important sleep is!! As we’re working our way towards summer and longer days, we tend to need a little less sleep.. BUT this may not apply to you if you’ve

a) been running at a sleep deficit for awhile,

b) you didn’t take a cue from nature and sleep more this winter, or

c) you’re actively recovering from an injury/illness/imbalance/etc.

Listen to your body and sleep if you need it! Feel like you’re sleeping a ton and you’re still exhausted during the day (no, I’m not talking to those of you who think 6-7 hours is a lot..)? It might be time to take a closer look at what’s going on internally. Your sleep patterns are yet another indication of your overall health.

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