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How do you commute?

This acupuncturist commutes from Newton to Newburyport.

How do you commute? Most of my patients know that I drive to Newburyport from Newton. I spend quite a bit of time in my car! Most of us commute, and with our commutes comes a lot of sitting. It's easy to fall into bad posture and habits, which can have ramifications on your health. While driving your shoulders might hunch up in traffic, your hips may skew to the side, or you might slouch down into your seat. I personally have a tendency to favor and lean onto my right hip, and overextend my neck while driving. Here's a friendly reminder to align your hips evenly, keep your spine erect, shoulders back, and chin slightly tucked in. Those of you taking public transportation aren't off the hook either! On top of this all, you are probably (maybe not all, but many of you!) forward flexing your neck down to look at your phone, device, or book. Don't forget to counter this position by stretching your neck, and even consider taking a break from your device/stimulation. Happy commuting, everybody!

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