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Try acupuncture for allergies!

Acupuncture for allergy relief

Have you noticed the goldenrod brightening up the sides of the roads, and out in the fields? Or maybe you've noticed a loved one with dry itchy eyes or congested sinuses? It feels like we're already in full swing of fall allergies! While goldenrod generally blooms simultaneously and serves as a good visual signal, its wind-pollinated cousin ragweed is the more common culprit of fall allergy symptoms. I dealt with seasonal and environmental allergies for years. While prescriptions and over the counter meds helped me survive allergy season, it was a constant battle for me to stay on top of the symptoms! Acupuncture not only helped soothe my symptoms, but has regulated my allergic response overall. Rather than suffering for a whole season, I can honestly say that I might notice a few mild sensations on high-allergen days. Allergy season is now marked by those visual cues like goldenrod, and people coming into the office with symptoms. I do not miss the sneezing fits, nasal congestion, or claw-your-eyes-out itchiness! Coming from someone who's been there, please send your allergic loved one to acupuncture!

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