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New Year's & Change (Part 3 of 3)

Now that my New Year's rant is over, let's chat about some strategies to set yourself up for success when making health-ful lifestyle changes!

1) Make baby steps. Aiming for a drastic overnight change might not be your best bet. Set realistic goals for yourself that you're able to meet. You can always add more change as you go!

2) Find support. You don't have to do it alone. By enlisting the help of a partner, friend, coach, practitioner, you will give yourself the gift of accountability and find motivation when you're having trouble being consistent. But this can come in many different forms as well- registering for a Tai Chi class or signing up for a CSA are other ways to create longer term accountability.

3) Don't let set backs set you back. Gaining momentum with consistency can be very helpful when making change! But life happens, things come up, and our schedules change. This means that sometimes we have to miss our fitness class, grab take out for dinner, and/or reschedule that massage for a later date. You don't have to start on January 1st, or a Monday, or even the beginning of the day for that matter, in order to make a change. You can make a health-ful decision any time, any where. I doubt you will ever regret making a positive change for your health!

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