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Is acupuncture a miracle?

Is acupuncture a miracle? Let's find out in Newburyport!

The reality is that most people come to try acupuncture as a last resort. They've either reached a breaking point of dealing with a chronic issue, or exhausted all other treatment options and have nowhere else to turn.

Despite the fact that all other conventional methods haven't worked for these individuals, acupuncture CAN often help. Even cases that seem mysterious and downright weird through the lens of Western medicine often make perfect sense in Chinese medicine. In some cases, it works quickly while others take time and a very consistent treatment plan.

Who doesn't love a miracle story? I sure do! It's of course encouraging to hear about someone who has endured lifelong migraines who never had a headache again after trying acupuncture!

And I personally love having the opportunity to treat someone in excruciating pain, and have them get off the table pain-free. Who wouldn't? But the reality is that these cases are not the norm. They are few and far between, and often the combined result of a lot of other factors (chronicity, lifestyle, overall health, diet, etc.).

So while miracles do happen, acupuncture is unfortunately not a miracle cure. For many, it has taken years to create the problem, so no it will not likely resolve overnight. But that doesn't mean that acupuncture doesn't work. It simply means that it takes time, consistency, and finding the right fit (i.e. style, practitioner, setting) to make progress on chronic, complicated cases.

Don't lose hope. Miracles do happen. And better yet- commitment, lifestyle changes, and quality care combine to create the most extraordinary changes in health and wellness.

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