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Do you treat yourself with acupuncture?

As an acupuncturist, two of the most common questions I get are:

1) Do you get acupuncture yourself?

2) Do you treat yourself with acupuncture?

The answers? YES! And kind of..

Do you get acupuncture? Do you treat yourself with acupuncture?

I absolutely get acupuncture. I enjoy and look forward to my treatments. I currently get acupuncture for stress management, prevention and immunity, and my overall well-being.

Do I do these treatments to myself? Honestly, not usually. While it's possible to do some self-care treatments to myself, I much prefer going to another practitioner. I can reach and treat my feet and legs, so when my knee acts up after a run I might do a mini local treatment. But when I'm looking for the full effect, I opt for a full body treatment from someone else.

I consider my maintenance treatments an important part of my self-care protocol, and enjoy the opportunity to relax completely!

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