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An acupuncturist's thoughts on exercise

an acupuncturist's thoughts on exercise in Amesbury

Photo by Jason Briscoe

Fact: Exercise is a stressful event for your body. Markers for health are generally worse immediately after a workout.

Myth: With regards to exercise, more [intensity, frequency, duration, distance] is always better.

My thoughts: Intense exercise is normalized in our society.

Your body needs rest, just as much as it needs movement.

Exercise and activity can help many conditions, but it can also cause problems.

I want you to work hard and work up a sweat, but not to the detriment of your health.

You should gauge your exercise based on how you feel before, during, and after your workouts.

How do you feel after you work out?

Do you feel strong? Accomplished? Happy? Less stressed?

Do you feel exhausted? Burnt out? More stressed?

Do you feel less tense? Or more tense?

Do certain movements cause pain? Or relieve pain?

**For women - does the intensity and frequency of your exercise affect your menstrual cycle? Does it reduce PMS and cramps? Or exacerbate symptoms? Does it increase the length of your cycle, or cause amenorrhea?

*Check in with yourself, use modifications when necessary, be comfortable adapting your exercise regimen to where you're at in life, and feel GOOD in your body!*

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